Aug. 6, 2002

Dear Ben --

     Got your letter -- thanks for writing. Sorry about you having to use most of your bank for the trip. If I'd known I would have given you a bigger bank. I have enclosed a ten-dollar bill for your enjoyment -- but I don't know if it will get to you before I arrive for my visit with you on the 11th. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Hershey Park. Please tell me all about it.

     In your letter you didn't say what the Waterfront program is like, or even if you're in it. Try to describe your activities, and what other things you're doing.

     It looks like the Queens private bus line strike is FINALLY over (it's been SEVEN weeks!!). The vote on the new contract proposal is today, and I'm sure it will pass. I feel sorry for those guys and what they had to go through to get decent health benefits and job security.

     Denise and Josh are coming back on Friday and will get Petie right before I leave to come see you. Do you remember this??

"Goodbye, Banana."
"Bye, Petie. I'll miss you."

     ____/   ' _>
 __/    <     /       
 //   \____ /         
        /    \

  <_'   \____ 
       \    >     \__ 
         \ ____/   \\ 
            /    \ 

     Well, that's about it. See you Sunday!


p.s. I had to do this letter in Tripod, because when I did it in Notepad, the printer did not recognize any colors, even though they displayed on the screen. I even tried looking up the HTML color codes -- didn't work! You'll have to explain when you get home.