July 6, 2000


Hi Benj --

     How is everything going at camp? Are there a lot of kids back this year that you know from last year? I'm looking forward to receiving a letter from you, and I'm really eager to hear how Advanced Oceanography and Geometry are!

     Denise and Josh finally came to take Petey home. This is how Banana and Petey reacted to it:


"Goodbye, Banana."
"Bye, Petey. I'll miss you."

     ____/   ' _>
 __/    <     /       
 //   \____ /         
        /    \

  <_'   \____ 
       \    >     \__ 
         \ ____/   \\ 
            /    \ 


     A terrible thing happened regarding the computer -- without any notice, Worldspy went bankrupt and discontinued service, and all my e-mails to and from Stanton Peele are lost forever. I'm really unhappy about that. I have to try to remember some of the things he told me. Free services suck! I signed up for Juno, because that's who bought out Worldspy, but I'm afraid to use it. And besides, I can't find where I put it. The instructions had said "Choose Desktop" for where it should be stored when it was downloaded, but I didn't see any choice. So I don't know where in the computer it is located, and when I click on the Juno icon that was already in the Setup thingie, nothing happens. I wish you were here to help me! Anyway, I've been using MSN when I need to get online on the computer, but I have some trouble getting on that too. H E L P ! !


     Well, that's about it for now. I'm looking forward to coming to see you! Please write soon, to me and to Grandma and Irwin, and to all your friends and people who love you.