(Andrea): Floyd, when will you admit that someone's beliefs are their beliefs, and nobody should be allowed to f**k with them? As for being treatment averse, didn't you leave the Talbott "campus" AMA?

(Floyd): What is being contested here, at least by me, are not Railroad Rita's personal beliefs, to which I fully agree she has every right in the world, but her claim that AA/12 Steps and Judaism are incompatible. Since this is an issue that comes up from time to time I thought that it would be worthwhile to tarry a while and by opposing her contention see what evidence could be scared up either way. So far the results have not been too gratifying.


(Floyd, from another post): Is every Jew free to decide for themselves what is or is not in line with their faith? Do the opinions of Rabbis carry no weight? Is the question of AA/12 Step participation therefore not decidable? It would be interesting to learn more about this.