Letter to Benny

July 22, 2000

Hi Boon --

     Hope you're enjoying the last few days at Tabor. What other trips or special activities have you gone on? Please write and tell me about the Whale Watch or anything else exciting. Don't worry if the letter gets here after you do, it will still be great to get it.

     It's been much cooler than normal for summer here in N.Y. I sure hope it warms up by the time you get back so we can get to the beach! I'm really looking forward to the trip to Virginia with you. How about you?

     I've been working overtime and paying some bills. I don't plan to work much after you get home -- I just want to be able to enjoy the rest of the summer with you.

     Please remember to write down the mailing addresses and e-mail addresses of kids you've become friendly with, so you can keep in touch with them. Also please try to fold your clothes, and separae the cleans from the dirties, to make things easier for packing. I'll try to arrive as early as possible on Saturday. See you then!



M O M  


"Can't wait to see you!"

  <_'  \____
       \    >     \__
         \ ____/   \\
            /    \

Banana Bird