To my best boony!

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June 30, 1999  

Dear Benny,

     I've been fooling around with some HTML formatting. Hope you like how this comes out. (I especially hope you like the picture I created below of Banana!) Yardmaster Healy was nice enough to print this out on his color printer.

     I've been watering your plants, and they're doing fine. I think it would be a good idea to uproot the dead ones and plant some cuttings from the kitchen philodendrons, or maybe the fern.

     How has the weather been in Marion? Here it's been unrelentingly hot and humid; on Tuesday afternoon we got thunderstorms, but it didn't really lessen the heat and humidity. Have you been swimming? And how about sailing, do you remember all your skills from last year, or did you need to have a re-instruction? Also, how is Oceanography 2? Is it a lot more detailed than O.1?

     I have some good news for you: I went to The Wiz and after a lengthy discussion with the salesclerk and then the manager, he did let me exchange the Pokemon game. I do hope the new one is satisfactory.

     I really look forward to receiving letters from you. So does Grandma, she's been wondering how you're doing and what activities you're involved in. I'll see you soon --









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Banana Bird