To My Booniest Goon

July 17, 1999

Dear Benny,

      I guess this'll be the last letter I'll write to you at Tabor, since the mail is slow and I want to be sure you'll receive it before I come to pick you up!

     I hope the rest of your stay has been at least as exciting as your first two weeks! I'm wondering about the whale watch -- I do hope the weather was good for it. Can't wait to hear about it!

     How did it go with swimming? Did you pass to Advanced Beginner? It's so great that you're learning new skills. And how has soccer been? If you're still into it, I'll look for a soccer program for you in the fall.

     All the paperwork is set for the ACE Computer Camp. I hope you've had a chance to review your computer books in preparation for the first-day interview. Are you looking forward to it? Hopefully you won't find the transition from Tabor to C.W. Post to be strange.

     Well, that's about it for now. I do hope you've found all your missing items. Try to get everything neatly packed, and I'll see you Saturday, about noon.


M OM     

I can't wait to see you again!         

  <_'  \____
       \    >     \__
         \ ____/   \\
            /    \

Banana Bird