July 4, 2001


     Hi! Hope you're having fun. I can't wait to get a letter from you and hear about everything! I'm wondering about your classes, and what sports you're taking. Also, I wonder what your roommate is like. Are you and he friendly? Do you share the same interests?

     Today's the Fourth of July. What celebrations did you have at Tabor? Did you get to see anything like this --


     I was able to see some fireworks that were at Shea Stadium, from up in Jamaica Yard Tower.

     Everything's fine at home. Banana's doing well, and I'm watering your plants. On my days off I'll work on renewing and refreshing the house.

     Please write back RIGHT AWAY to tell me if you need me to bring you anything on Visiting Day. I'm really looking forward to the visit!

     I'll talk to you soon --