Earn a $5 weekly allowance (to be raised at least annually) by doing the following every day:


Make bed


Hang up bathmat and return soap after use


Rinse all dishes immediately after use, and wash dishes by the end of the day


Take books and belongings off couch, chairs, and floors; put things in proper places (books on bookshelves, papers in folders, etc.)


Put dirty clothing in hamper


Take care of bird (feed, play with)


Accept "no" for an answer, even if it's disappointing


When asked to do something, do it, with a maximum of 1 reminder





EXTRA CREDIT: Vacuum at least once a week without being told

                  Clean birdcage without being told

                  Any other visible voluntary cleanup or improvement

BONUS: $20 for report card with ALL grades 85 or above

                $40 for report card with ALL grades 90 or above




M.K. 10-28-02