Disliking AA requires corrective treatment? Who's in "denial"?

From: Rebecca

    I'd like to offer a piece of e-mail taken from a mailing list for "drug-alcohol counselors." I think this perfectly illustrates the attitude of some of the "professionals" likely to be contacted by those in trouble with alcohol.
    Here's the letter:


From:   J. F.

I just wanted to share something I find helpful about people's "resistence" to 12 step programs. I think it provides us with wonderful diagnostic information as to where they are in their addiction and denial and what might be helpful for them in their treatment and recovery. For example, when someone says, "I don't want to rely on others for my sobriety so I don't like AA." This might suggest that they are struggling with dependency in relationships or with not being able to trust others or ask for help with getting their needs met. If someone says, "Meetings are too depressing." This could suggest that they have an underlying depression or that they might benefit from sharing some of their pain, hurt, sadness etc.. with a therapist or someone before they are able to become more aware of it or address it with the help of AA. If people say, "I don't like the God stuff," It might be that they have had difficulty with family or religion in an authoritarian way cramming morals or dogma down their throats. It could have more to do with authority or a domineering parent. So I guess the gist of this is that this "resistence," for lack of a better term, is important and essential. Not to be ignored or even argued blatantly but to be understood and explored. Behind it lies fear, hurt, anger and a lot of grist for the mill.

Jeremy Frank
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Counseling Center


Notice how every reason an intelligent person could give for wanting nothing to do with AA is pathologized by this "professional." Does anyone else find this sickening?

This type of attitude is NOT unusual. This is exactly what I was up against for 18 years of seeking help to solve an alcohol problem. I think sons of bitches like the guy who wrote that letter oughta have the the shorts sued off of them. As long as such "professionals" are allowed to run amok, people who just can't fit in to AA will continue to die.