From: F. Rotgers

I don't expect my MD to be well versed in all treatments, but I do expect him to be aware of the options for treating a whole variety of disorders, or if he isn't to have the good sense to refer me to a specialist who is. In the addictions field neither is the typical case--most practitioners haven't got the foggiest notion of treatment modalities other than the one they use, and they rarely, if ever, refer out to other practitioners. When I have a client who needs a detox, I don't insist that he go to a particular practitioner for it, I suggest several options. When I have a client who says to me "I really think I need to get in touch with my higher power, that's what's gonna work for me" I refer that person to a 12-step counselor. The reverse rarely occurs, in my experience--i.e. 12-step counselors rarely, if ever, refer clients who have trouble with the 12-step concepts to cognitive-behavioral providers--they just keep hammering away at the 12-step, often blaming the client or the "disease" for their lack of success.


Frederick Rotgers, Psy.D., Director
Program for Addictions Consultation and Treatment of the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies
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